Erosion Contol

Call on Landscaping Plus for identifying erosion-prone areas and preventing soil runoff for your Kalamazoo-area home or business.

Our erosion control services are designed to safeguard your property from the damaging effects of erosion, ensuring the longevity of your landscape. Through a combination of expert analysis, strategic planning, and innovative techniques, we effectively manage and prevent erosion issues. With our erosion control services, you can enjoy a beautiful and resilient landscape that stands the test of time, while also contributing to the preservation of the natural environment.

Erosion Control has many different means and methods in achieving positive control. Surface grading, basins, retaining walls, big and small underground drainage solutions, boulders, berms/dukes, and Armour Stone. Some properties could have multiple methods of control utilizing many of the above methods. We tailor our approach to suit your unique needs.

Erosion Control - Before and After

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