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Hydroseeding FAQ

Hydroseeding is a lawn turf planting process by which grass seed is planted by spraying prepared soil with slurry of seed, paper mulch and fertilizer as well as other additives. It is a superior alternative to the traditional method of broadcasting or sowing dry seed.
Costs for hydroseeding can vary depending on soil and site conditions. Rocky soil, slopes and other debris in the soil can increase the amount of prep time before hydroseed can be applied. While it may be cheaper to broadcast dry seed by hand or spreader, hydroseeding has a much higher germination rate.
Depending on warmth, moisture and variety of seed, hydroseeded lawns typically start to sprout with 5 to 7 days. The rye grass and fescue portion of the seed mixes usually germinate within 5 to 10 days while the blue grass portion of the mix can take up to 24 to 28 days to germinate.
Yes, over seeding an existing lawn with hydroseed is a great option.

Yes. For seed to germinate, it must stay moist continuously for a couple of weeks because the seed is incased in the paper mulch slurry, it has a much better chance of retaining the moisture that it needs but, the mulch does need to be watered religiously. We recommend watering for short periods, morning, noon and night. The goal is not to drown the seed, just keep it moist.

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Our hydroseeding professionals will provide you with a Lawn Care brochure upon completion of your lawn installation. This brochure provides information on best practices to insure a successful lawn.

While hydroseeding is a great option for new lawn installation, good lawns take lots of time and care to establish. A properly hydroseeded lawn may take up to a year to fully establish. During that year, it will have to be faithfully watered and fertilized. Because the newly seeded plant is very tender, we do not recommend any herbicide treatments for at least 4 months. During this time, it is natural to have non desirable weeds and crab grass to occur. These can be treated after 4 months.


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